PP Hose Mandrel

  • PP Hose Mandrel
  • PP Hose Mandrel
  • PP Hose Mandrel
PP Hose MandrelPP Hose MandrelPP Hose Mandrel

PP Hose Mandrel

  • Material: PP (Polypropylene)
  • Color: Natural or Customized
  • Melting Point: 165℃
  • Density: 0.92g/cm³
  • Product description: PP Hose Mandrels are used for the vulcanization process of rubber hose. Heat, aging and steam resistance. Mandrel easily released. Reusable.

Product Description:

PP hose mandrels have below characteristics.

1. PP mandrels are made by special formula, which can tolerate high temperature (140℃-165℃) during the vulcanization process of rubber hose.

2. Smooth surface, aging resistance, little modulus change, hardness shore D 65.

3. Length can be customized, PP mandrels can be used for wire braid hose, automotive hose, etc.

4. PP mandrels can be released easily from the hose by 12 Mpa of water pressure, greatly improve production efficiency.

5. Outer diameter from 3 mm to 33 mm, accurate dimension control.

Please spread the release agent evenly on the mandrels before using.


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